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M-018H & M-018 – MRE MEALS

An MRE—Meal, Ready to Eat—is a single, nutritionally complete, meal ration containing 1,100-1,300 calories.  An MRE requires no water to reconstitute the meal.  It truly is ready to eat – hot or cold.  Only the finest ingredients are used in the preparation of our MRE meals. A pharmaceutical grade nutritional mix is added to every entrée we produce to further increase the nutritional profile.

Best-Selling MRE Meals—12 Unit Complete Meal Case


M-018H —12 Complete Meals WITH entrée ration heaters (FRH)
—1,100-1,300 calories per complete meal
—Fully hydrated and ready to eat—no water required
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M-018 —12 Complete Meals WITHOUT entrée ration heaters (FRH)
—1,100-1,300 calories per complete meal
—Fully hydrated and ready to eat—no water required
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Government Discount

Since the government can order factory-direct from MRE STAR, the newest MRE meals—at the lowest price—are guaranteed. Our shelf stable military rations are fresh and available for immediate shipment. MRE STAR offers an exclusive government discount to all agencies and departments of the United States government. Minimum purchases do apply. We look forward to providing you with sample products and any additional information that may be required. Email our Government Sales Team to find out more.


MRE STAR has the production capability and flexibility to manufacture – in large quantities – MRE meals that are fully customizable. We can meet a certain calorie count, price point, religious certification, and dietary requirement. MREs can be customized to be either a full day ration unit (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as one unit) or a Single Complete Meal Unit. MRE meals can include flameless ration heaters or they can be packaged without them.  Large orders of MRE meals can be customized and personalized with full color inserts printed with your department, agency or military branch insignias.

Halal Certification & Other Religious Certification

MRE STAR recognizes that the United States government has a diverse employee and assistance base that ranges from all branches of government agencies and departments—throughout the United States—to embassies and the military stationed across the world as well as the millions of people who receive aid and assistance from our country. We manufacture MRE meals that satisfy and comply with the needs of different types of people, including religious certification.  MRE STAR facilities are Halal and Kosher certified and these religious certifications are available. MRE STAR follows all HACCP regulations and our MRE meals are USDA/FSIS/FDA/FSSC 22000 approved. Find out more about our Halal Certified long life MRE meals, click here.

Experienced & Trusted Supplier

MRE STAR has over thirty years of experience in the food industry. All of our MRE meals are manufactured in the United States. MRE STAR has extensive experience fulfilling government contracts and purchase orders. Recent government clients include:



US Marshall

State Department


US Embassies (world-wide)

Emergency Services (all levels—city, county, and state), and many more.

Emergency Relief and Refugee Assistance

MRE STAR supports First Responders and Emergency Relief Workers worldwide with discount pricing and customized options. Whether you need large quantities of high calorie, low cost sustenance rations or standard units to feed your team, MRE STAR is there for you. Click here to learn more.

MRE STAR is your best choice for fast, reliable, and professional service

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