MRE STAR Military MRE Meal Supplier

MRE STAR is a senior, reputable, and trusted supplier of MRE meals to all levels of the United States government as well as additional governments and militaries around the world. Our military rations are primarily designed for soldiers but also are extremely effective to feed personnel in situations where food is not readily available. In addition to supplying our rations to militaries and governments, we also supply MRE meals to private companies, charitable and relief organizations, law enforcement, emergency personnel, gas, oil and mining companies as well as private citizens. Top-of-the-line automated equipment safely cooks, fills, seals, and retorts our MREs to guarantee meals that taste fresh with an extremely long shelf life.

MRE Meals Designed for Modern Soldiers

MRE STAR military rations are manufactured in the United States to meet military specifications. Tasty, nutritious food is essential to fuel the bodies of soldiers and contributes to their mental well-being. A well-fed soldier is a happy soldier. Each MRE meal contains the proper caloric requirements needed to sustain active duty soldiers. A pharmaceutical grade nutritional blend is added to every entrée. MRE STAR uses only the finest ingredients to ensure a delicious tasting MRE meal. We offer a variety of flavors from different ethnic regions across the globe.

MRE Military Ration Customization

MRE STAR has the production capability and flexibility to manufacture – in large quantities – MRE meals that are fully customizable. We can meet a certain calorie count, price point, religious certification, and/or dietary requirement.

Customized Menu Options

Customized Full Color Ration Insert – Example

Religious Certification

MRE STAR military rations can be Halal certified. Hindu and Kosher certification are also available for very large orders. MRE STAR follows and maintains the strictest sanitary and safety standards for religious certification through a meticulous chain of custody in compliance with on-site religious certifiers.

Halal Certified Military Rations

Health & Safety Certification

MRE STAR is based in the United States of America and has over 30 years of experience in the food industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are USDA/FSIS/FDA/FSSC 22000 approved. MRE STAR follows all HACCP regulations to assure the highest standards of safety and quality control. Our facilities are capable of 24/7 production of MRE meals and we ship world-wide. Get the lowest prices available for MRE military rations with our factory direct pricing. Enjoy the great taste and excellent variety of our MRE meals through our customized menus. MRE STAR is the best go-to source for high quality, nutritious, and long-lasting MRE military rations. Call or email our International Sales Office today.

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