Sport MRE Meal Customer Base

A wide range of outdoor sporting and recreational enthusiasts make up the Sport MRE Meal customer base. They rely upon the convenient, quick and lightweight option of the Sport MRE meals to make their outdoor experiences more enjoyable and allow for more time in the great outdoors with less time to worry about how to carry, store and prepare traditional meals.

These delicious Sport MREs come in a variety of options offering something for everyone interested in having a healthy and satiating meal in a natural setting without having to worry about excessive preparation or clean up.  Sport MRE meals contain military grade components including an 8 oz entrée (Varieties include: Beef Stew with Vegetables, Chicken Noodle Stew, Chicken with Rice and Vegetables and Pasta Marinara), a starch item (military crackers or tortillas), a fruit flavored powdered drink mix, a spoon, napkin, wet napkin, salt, pepper, hot sauce, candy and a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH).

Selling Points for Sport MRE Meals

Outdoor sports enthusiasts—such as hikers, cross-country trail runners, and bicyclists—and backcountry enthusiasts—such as hunters, ranch hands, and horseback trail riders—need a calorie dense food source to fuel their hard-working bodies and outdoor fatigue. Their food supplies need to require no refrigeration, be durable, lightweight, and compact. MRE meals are the perfect fit.

It’s inconvenient for outdoor enthusiasts to stop, build a fire, and cook a meal. The flameless ration heater packaged in every Sport MRE lets anyone enjoy a hot MRE meal under any weather condition—even during a downpour or a blizzard. The hermetically sealed packaging of MRE meals mean animals can’t detect the presence of food at campsites. No campfires mean animals won’t be attracted to the scent of food cooking. These things make MRE meals the safest food supply for outdoor activities.

MRE meals are a convenient food source for recreational campers. Even the biggest recreational vehicle has limitations in storage space. MRE meals allow for a wide variety of food to be stored in the smallest of spaces. Motorcyclists, tent campers, and off-road enthusiasts—such as drivers of dirt bikes, 4x4s, and ATVs—also benefit from the transportability of MRE meals. The speed and ease of MRE meal preparation means more time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Versatility of Sport MRE Meals

MRE meals are so versatile that anyone can safely enjoy a hot meal anywhere. The flameless ration heater is activated by 30 ml of any type of water—including snow, puddles or even sea water. Water enthusiasts—from motorized boaters to canoeists to kayakers—can tear open a pouch and have a delicious hot meal in the middle of a lake, river or ocean. Having a Sport MRE means not having to settle for that soggy sandwich that’s been sitting in the cooler since morning.  MRE meals aren’t just to stockpile for emergency survival food. They are the best choice and the most convenient food source for virtually every type of outdoor sports and every recreational enthusiast.