Demand for Halal MRE Meals

Environmental, political, social, and working conditions are a few factors that can lead to situations where a diverse group of people—with different religious beliefs—needs a food supply like MRE meals. Halal certified MRE meals make it simple for charities, aid organizations, corporations, governments, and militaries to feed populations with religious dietary restrictions. Halal certified MRE meals are delicious tasting military-style rations that are easily transportable and that have an extended shelf life. Each complete meal contains 1,100-1,300 calories and is the perfect solution for times and places where food may not be readily available.

Halal Certification

Even in challenging and compromised situations such as conflict zones, wilderness outposts and the scenes of natural disasters, adherence to religious standards is essential to millions of faithful around the world. MRE STAR is dedicated to offering the absolute finest long term emergency food for the Islamic community.  MRE STAR Halal certified MRE meals adhere to the “Standards” of religious acceptability of eating meat in the Muslim community which include all aspects of processing, handling, and packaging of meat products. Every level of food production is inspected so that no cross contamination occurs. You can trust the integrity and purity of MRE STAR Halal certified MRE meals.

MRE STAR Manufacturing Process

MRE STAR is an established, food processing facility—located in the United States of America—that is USDA/FSIS/FDA/FSSC 22000 approved. MRE STAR follows all HACCP regulations to ensure quality control that meets the highest standards of the food industry. Our fully automated, top-of-the-line equipment cooks, fills, and seals our MRE meals into triple-layered, high quality pouches. MRE meals are then retorted to the point of sterilization, ensuring a fresh tasting product.

Halal Certified MRE Meals Ship World-wide

MRE STAR Halal certified MRE meals have a variety of familiar flavors and they can be fully customized to satisfy and comply with different needs. MRE STAR is a trusted supplier of Halal certified MRE meals to all levels and branches of government, charitable organizations, private corporations, and militaries around the world. We have the capacity to produce high volumes of Halal certified MREs and can operate 24/7 should the need arise. We are fully equipped and ready to respond to an emergency or to fill a substantial order upon advanced notice. MRE STAR can ship Halal certified MRE meals anywhere, quickly and reliably.